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Services that we offer

Thank you for choosing Faircape Leasing to manage the rental of your property.
We’re always excited to make new connections, and will do everything in our power to ensure that you and your property are treated with the utmost respect for the duration of our relationship.


Assessment of the relevant property and determining the optimum rental return.


Actively market and advertise your property, with the view to sourcing good quality tenants.


Negotiate and draw the Contractual Lease Agreement with due regard to special conditions that may pertain to the property and in accordance with relevant rules and regulations.


Administer the property on an ongoing basis and account to the Lessor on a monthly basis i.r.o rental received, all expenses incurred and where necessary, any maintenance/repairs required.


Co-ordination of relevant/required inspections of properties.


Rental collection and payment.


Handling of all queries relating to Maintenance, Financial and Legal issues.