About Us



Over 20 years in property sales and leasing.
Since joining Faircape, closed over 350 rentals.
Since 2015, closed 160 property sales totalling over R100 million in value.

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Full Status Agent.
6 years in property sales and leasing.
Closed over 71 property sales.

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Full Status Agent.
10 years in property sales and leasing.
Closed over R23 million of property sales in the last 18 months.

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Faircape Property Sales & Leasing is a division of the Faircape Group.

The Faircape Group is a diversified development and property management company based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Having started as a construction company over three decades ago, Faircape has become a pre-eminent name in the property market and related services.

The Faircape Group thrives to grow their service offerings, and their acquisition into the retirement sector has proven just that. Faircare Trust, the retirement sector, has grown beyond expectations with a total of 6 villages under their management.

The Faircape Group provides services to buildings, including management services, fibre internet connections, surveillance services, utility management and energy solutions.

Why Us?

Faircape Property Sales & Leasing provides services according to the highest industry standards and maintains a client-centred approach. We serve landlords by maintaining the occupancy of their properties and timely rental payments, as well as ensuring the high standards of residential upkeep as well as positive landlord-tenant relationships are maintained.

We serve property sellers by assisting with the valuation and advertisement of their property and ensure we get the best possible price for them. We build lifetime relationships with property owners that list with us in order to assist with their future property sales and management of their portfolios.

All our managed properties receive access to our excellent in-house maintenance and legal services making us the ideal choice for residential estates and complexes.