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For the most part, Anfield Village has been spared the rental market crash affecting other parts of Cape Town. Fortunately, the complex continues to experience a real demand for rental properties. Currently, one bedrooms can expect to fetch between R6 200 and R6 500, while two bedrooms are bringing in between R7 500 and R8 000.


In 2018, Anfield Village has seen 9 registered sales so far, as well as 3 pending transfers.

Average price per m2 = R18 339

Developments in proximity to the area

No further updates on the proposed developments planned for the surrounding areas. Please note, you will always be the first to know of any development proposals.

Click here for the most recent article on the Conradie Development (April 2018):


As per the recent correspondence from the Body Corporate, please ensure your geysers are compliant. The deadline is 15 September, 2018. Your geyser claim will be repudiated should your geyser not be compliant going forward.


Please ensure your tenants are aware of the policy concerning parking, i.e. residents parking in visitor bays is not allowed. The Body Corporate is adopting a zero tolerance approach, so expect to be fined if you or your tenants fail to comply.


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