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Welcome to Faircape Sales & Leasing

As one of Cape Town’s leading residential rental agencies, Faircape Leasing will make your experience of finding a rental home or tenant as easy and straightforward as possible.

After 19 successful years in the industry, our current rental portfolio stands at over 600 properties across the vibrant mother city, all of which have access to our excellent in-house maintenance service.

This impressive repertoire is supported by a sophisticated electronic property management system which supplies tenants and landlords with detailed monthly statements and real-time updates.

Faircape Leasing is also linked to the Tenant Profile Network, providing efficient tenant screening services.


Why an agency?

The notion of property leasing often presents itself as aself-sustaining goldmine, but in reality, rental management is a full-time job. Private landlords tend to lose their initial enthusiasm as soon as they discover how challenging and time-consuming it can be to inspect, maintain and market a property, and to source, screen and interact with tenants according to stringent property laws. A good rental agency will take care of all such concerns, leaving you to enjoy the rewards of a well-managed lease.


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Why Faircape Sales & Leasing?

The purpose of a rental agency is to eliminate the inconvenience associated with procuring perpetual occupancy, upholding high standards of residential upkeep, ensuring correct and timely payments and sustaining positive landlord-tenant relationships.

Faircape Leasing provides these services according to the highest industry standards, while maintaining a client-centred approach. To help us achieve this objective, we use contemporary administrative structures such as the national Tenant Profile Network for professional tenant screening; in-house maintenance services ensuring regular, affordable upkeep; and a sophisticated electronic property management system which provides landlords and tenants with real-time updates and detailed monthly statements.

Along with these advanced technical practices, we boast a degree of credibility that can only be earned through experience. After 19 successful years in the industry and half a century’s joint experience, Faircape Leasing is one of the leaders of its trade.