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When selling your home, it is not as simple as opening your doors and letting everyone stream in. You need to be well-informed and most importantly, focused on the people who are most likely to buy your home.


This, along with a couple of other factors will determine the overall price and marketing of your property. Finding out who your target market is may seem like an impossible task. Surely everyone is your target market? The truth is, people will buy homes based on the current or future lifestyle needs. Whether they are newlyweds or thinking of extending their family, each buyer has a specific property need that needs to be fulfilled.


With this in mind, it is clear that they will be looking at certain features of your home and whether they are desirable for their property goals. This is where a qualified and experienced real estate agent is vital. They are able to identify your property’s strongest features and who is most likely to buy it.


Real estate agents can also provide you with the latest pricing information in your area. They are also well equipped to market the property on your behalf to all popular property marketing platforms.


So what are potential buyers looking for?


7 property features to highlight for a quick sale



The ‘heart of the home’, the kitchen is often a deciding factor when it comes to a quick sale. An updated kitchen will increase the perceived value of the home and it leaves a lasting impression on the buyer at the end of the viewing or show day.

What to do: Update countertops and cupboards for a fresh, revamped feel.




When people think of themselves in a bathroom space, they want to feel like the queen and king of their home. A simple, yet luxurious décor can make a potential buyer walk out a guaranteed buyer. All these features can breathe life into a space that perhaps has started to look tired and out-dated.

What to do: Freshen up the space with new taps, a decorative and attractive mirror and modern lighting.




Does your property have carpets? Are they in good condition? If not, it may be a wise idea to either have them professionally cleaned or switch to an easy-to-maintain surface such as tiles or hardwood floors. Parquet flooring has made a revival and has been very in for the last couple of years.

What to do: You can even try and see what type of original flooring is underneath the carpet.



Outdoor areas

Does the property you are selling have a type of outdoor space such as a patio or balcony? A deck can impress a potential buyer as it essentially gives them another ‘area’ to entertain their guests. Learn how to turn your balcony into an eco-friendly haven here.

What to do: Turn your outdoor space into a haven that looks pleasing and draws the buyer in.




Have you indicated that your property comes with safe and secure parking? This may or may not include a garage or additional storage that could be incredibly useful for a potential buyer. Pointing out that you have additional storage will mean an increased interest since buyers will not have to pay additional storage fees at storage facilities. It also makes them feel like the property can ‘expand’ with their life as it unfolds.

What to do: Make sure you are thorough in your description of your home, listing all features.




Probably one of the most important factors, many areas have different attractive features for different buyers. If your property has three or more bedrooms, your target market is likely to be families. One or two bedroom properties are likely to appeal to a younger professional or couples looking to buy their first home together.

What to do: Make sure you draw attention to the local area. With three bedroom properties, mention the close proximity to nearby schools. For one or two bedroom properties, the target market will be interested in close proximity to public transport, restaurants, bars and the gym.



Safety concerns

The safety features of a home will never go out of style. If your property is located in a security complex, you rest assured a potential buyer will be interested. It is always important to keep in mind that a buyer can make all the cosmetic changes they like. The changes they can’t make are the security features of your property and where they are located.

What to do: Be through with your description of your property. Ensure that you mention all security features.


For a quick sale of your property you need to square your focus on the person who would purchase your property. A real estate agent has archives of experience and industry knowledge. Call Faircape Sales and Leasing today to schedule an appointment.