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Living in an apartment, you may feel there is very little you can do to conserve water. And besides – you don’t even have a garden.


How wrong you are.


March 22nd was World Water Day and marked the importance of water conservation and eliminating wastage at all costs.


How to save water in 7 easy steps

  1. It starts in the shower

A shower bucket may take some getting used to but the water that splish-splashes into it can be put to many uses around your apartment. First stop, the toilet. Turn off the tap after your last flush. Remove the lid of the toilet cistern and fill it up using your shower water. A toilet flush uses as much as 15 litres per flush. Your thirsty window or patio plants will also thank you for this water – they aren’t as fussy as us humans.


  1. Turn that tap off!

Are you a tap on or tap off tooth cleaner? Leaving the tap on while you brush your teeth should be a no-brainer waste of water. When switching it on, turn it on gently. There is no need for excessive pressure. You can even do as the Americans all do in movies and fill a glass up halfway to rinse your mouth and toothbrush afterwards.


  1. Yellow, mellow (you know where we are going with this)

This age-old tip is surely the biggest water-saver of them all. It is quite possible to not flush after a ‘number 1’ and once you get over the initial awkwardness of it – you will see how beneficial this toilet trick is to the environment and conserving water.


  1. Leaks

Do you have a leak in your apartment that you are aware of? Fix it. If you are not aware of any, start at your washing machine, kitchen sink tap and all bathroom sinks. A leak left unfixed is a large waste of water and not to mention can cause a lot of water damage. Many taps may require a new washer to stop leaks from occurring.


  1. No baths!

Baths can use between 150 and 200 litres of water. Showers can use as much as 22 litres of water per minute (depending on the pressure). It is thus important to switch the tap off whilst you wash yourself and only use the shower head to rinse. Regional talk suggests a shower shouldn’t take you longer than two minutes in total.


  1. Skills in the kitchen

Re-use your pasta water. It can make a lumpy sauce smoother or you can use it on your plants as soon as it cools down. Check out the water consumption of your water appliances such as the dishwasher and washing machine. Hand washed dishes will usually require far less water.


  1. Water efficient fixtures

Investing in water efficient shower heads, taps and low-flow toilets can help you monitor your water usage quite effectively. The water pressure is weakened which ensures you only use the water you need and not what comes spurting out.


Using and reusing 65 litres per person per day IS indeed possible. We challenge you to see if you can even halve this figure – just as an experiment. Remember, every drop counts. If you have access to your water meter, monitor it diligently throughout the month to see if you have used excessive water on a particular day and then assess what that water wasting activity could have been. It is such an eye-opener.


Faircape Sales and Leasing supports water conservation and would like to see all tenants and home owners saving water conscientiously to avoid the foreboding Day Zero.