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Real estate agents have periodically made many people anxious when it comes to selling their homes and it usually revolves around commission. But do you know the other great benefits that you are missing out on by “going solo”?


We highlight the top reasons why you should always use a real estate agent to sell your property.


Top reasons to use a real estate agent


1.     Market Knowledge, Advice and Negotiation Skills

As a property owner, the value that you can draw from a real estate agent’s market knowledge can be the difference in a significant and handsome-looking profit over an average, breaking even sale price.


Why? Real estate agents are effectively and extensively trained in their line of work and they understand the present demand in a current neighbourhood. They are also able to give up to date information on current property trends which can be invaluable during a sale.


Real estate agents can also provide renovation suggestions that may speed up a sale or rental. This could be repainting, repairing damp, having all the carpets cleaned or doing up the garden.


How good are your negotiation skills with property? Probably unrehearsed. A real estate agent can improve your chances of finding a buyer through their excellent negotiating and sales expertise. This can be particularly useful when reaching an agreement between a seller and a buyer in order to ensure that the sale goes ahead and is successful.


2.     Marketing and Advertising

When it comes to selling your house, there is one essential factor – exposure. The correct advertising and marketing of your property is essentially the difference between a sale and sitting with a property for months on end.


A real estate agent is in the prime position to either market your property themselves or through their agency with in-house marketing teams. These efforts maximise your property’s visibility and increase its online presence and reach.


This is usually done through adding your property to top property websites, social media, flyers, newspapers, etc. Not to mention, real estate agencies will be approached by potential buyers who may be looking for a home just like yours.


Agencies are well connected and send out monthly mailers to large databases that are designed to find buyers and tenants. Real estate agents will even take professional photos of your property to attract buyers and deal with viewings, offers and will screen all potential buyers on your behalf. This is a massive relief as the process can be extremely time-consuming and insist that you are available at all times of the day.


3.     A real estate agent can increase potential profit

While you may think cutting a real estate agent out of the picture will make you more profit, it has been statistically proven that real estate agents achieve a far higher selling price than homeowners.


Why is this so? Apart from experience and significant negotiation skills, real estate agents also know how to correctly price a property in such a way that apart from commission, a significant profit can be achieved.


If a property is correctly priced, it will sell faster and for a better price, according to studies. Homeowners tend to either inflate or discredit the asking price on their home because they have no idea how the current property market in their area is performing.


How to choose your real estate agent

When it comes to choosing a real estate agent, a good place to start is an established and well-received property brand. This ensures that the real estate agent will be well-trained and equipped to make a sale for you in record time and with correctly screened potential buyers.


You should always be comfortable with the abilities of the real estate agent you do choose. This will be a relationship that will last for the foreseeable future so it is important to have an open and honest relationship from the get-go.